Ditch your bundle with $50 broadband—no hidden fees.

All the speed you need. Now available at Treasure Island!

Kwikbit provides an ideal solution for streaming, business, video chats, remote learning, and more while supporting multiple users at once.

- $50/month (plus applicable taxes)

- All equipment, installation, and service included with 24-month contract!

- No unwanted bundled services or hidden costs!

Check out our FAQ at the bottom of the page for answers to other common questions. 

Limited time promotion:

 No contract, no deposit and 1st month free! 

Must be among the first 50 Treasure Island residents to register. Promotion ends June 30th.  


Complete the form below to secure this one-time offer and a representative will be in contact shortly with details and to schedule your installation.


  1. What is Broadband internet?
    1. Broadband is high speed internet, currently defined by the FCC as a minimum of 25/3 Mbps, download and upload speeds respectively
  2. What is Kwikbit’s Broadband solution?
    1. Kwikbit offers wireless service with the performance of fiber (Broadband 2.0).
  3. How fast is Kwikbit?
    1. Kwikbit services plans start at 50 Mbps (up to 50 Mbps download and up to 50 Mbps upload speeds). This Kwikbit starter plan offers 5X the upload of speed of typical cable broadband “gigabit” plans.
  4. Why are upload speeds important?
    1. Today’s applications, e.g. Zoom, require significant upload capacity to perform.
  5. Does Kwikbit’s solution include any bundled content or hidden fees?
    1. No. This is pure, high speed broadband only. No bundled services (e.g. phone, TV, voice) or hidden fees.
  6. How is Kwikbit’s broadband so affordable?
    1. Kwikbit’s next generation technology, Broadband 2.0, is a wireless solution which eliminates significant deployment and infrastructure costs.
  7. How is the service delivered and installed?
    1. Kwikbit is an elegant solution which installs in less than 1 hour- a small radio is affixed to customers rooftop with an ethernet cable running down into the home which can either attach to a computer or Wi-Fi router.
  8. Does Kwikbit’s solution require a contract or security deposit?
    1. Yes. There is a 24 month contract and $150 security deposit for the equipment.
  9. What type of customer support can I expect?
    1. Kwikbit provides technical support via email and phone.
  10. How will I be billed and charged for the service?
    1. 100% paperless billing to customer’s email. Automation payment process by either credit, debit, or ACH.